People in Partnership (PIPs)

People in Partnerships (PIPs) is FC3's new small groups. Each PIP activity is held at various locations, on various dates and times. PIPs are intended to connect 5-15 of our partners for the purpose of community and growth opportunities beyond the church walls. 


Step into the world of SoulCrafter, a unique community where your creativity merges with your spiritual growth. Here, the art of crafting is a transformative path towards deepening your faith.
*This PIP is for Young Adults ages 18-35

Walking Warriors

Looking to stay active with some company? Become a part of the Walking Warriors, and enjoy a group stroll every Monday through the mall before the crowds arrive.
*For All Ages

God's Promises 365

Embark on a transformative journey through the Bible, exploring God's promises over 365 days. Join our dynamic PIP group for
bi-weekly virtual sessions and meaningful in-person meet-ups.
*For All Ages

The Inner Glow-Up

This group is intended for personal growth, empowerment, and support purposes.
This PIP is for Women Only.

Fedoras & Cues

Regardless of your pool-playing ability "Fedoras and Cues" is an exclusive men-only stylish community. Bring your hat game to the pool game and enjoy a night out with like-minded men.  
*FOR MEN ONLY. Pricing and location of each meet-up may vary.

Happy Spouse, Happy House

Happy Spouse, Happy House is a small community designed for married couples seeking purposeful dating experiences. Come together monthly to relish imaginative date nights that nurture your love and connection.
* Locations and themes will vary

Breaking Barriers

This group is dedicated to crafting a devotional aiming to guide you in cultivating meaningful and enriching devotional practices for quality time with God.
*For All Ages

First Time Fridays

Do you enjoy or need to step out of your comfort zone and seek new experiences?
*This PIP is for Young Adults ages 18-35